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May, 2013

Hi readers,

Once again, thank you for your messages and your response to Ripples On A Pond.

Number Six, The Tying Of Threads is done, or the story has been told and the hard copy printed. Now the trusty pencil comes out, then the labour intensive boring bits, the transference of pencilled alteration onto the file, which takes a maximum of time and offers a minimum of reward. My enjoyment is in the relating of the tale, and the manipulation of my 'people' into the positions I require them to be.

The Tying Of Threads, the last of the Woody Creek series, covers many years. No doubt I could have stretched it into two, but the characters having lived and slept with me for what seems like a lifetime, I feel it is the right time to let them go.

Once Threads leaves my computer for its Sydney process, I hope to take to the roads, just to see what I might see. With luck, I may get to meet you in a county town far, far away from the mad house of city.

Good wishes to all,

June, 2012

Thank you to all who took time to post a response to Wind In The Wires. A few days after the books release, I began checking my guestbook, desperate to know how its final pages had been received.

To the many who asked me to write fast: After eight days in the sky or on the road, for my latest book tour, I was so pleased to actually make it back home, I've barely left my computer's side since, and last week, book five, Ripples on a Pond left my computer for Sydney.

I originally planned to end the series with Ripples, but its word count became excessive, with more story left to tell, so there will now be a sixth and final book in the Woody Creek series.

Usually, when I complete a novel, I head bush for a few weeks to recharge my batteries before beginning again. However home looks too good to leave at the moment, so the final installment of the Woody Creek series is already in progress.


Feb, 2012

Christmas disappeared, New Year went the same way, with most of January not far behind. The final proofreading done, on the 3rd of February, Wind In The Wires went off to the printer. The release date has been altered from March to April 1st. I hope you enjoy it; you won't miss its cover; it's colourful.

It seems that I could be on the road - and in the sky - sometime in April. I'll have more details on the where and the when soon.

I love reading your messages, and since updating my service from the old dial up to broadband, I check in frequently. I'll be waiting with baited breath for your response to Wind In The Wires.

Regards to all,

May, 2011

Hi Readers,

Thanks for all the wonderful feedback you’ve been putting on my guest book. I enjoy reading it and I’m glad to know you are enjoying the Woody Creek series.

For three years I've lived with, eaten with, slept with my Woody Creek crew and when Moth To The Flame was completed, I told them to take an extended holiday.  They refused to leave home. I managed to ignore them until they began infiltrating my dreams and waking me in the wee hours with their illogical scenarios. 

I know only one way to control the unruly bunch. WIND IN THE WIRES shouldn't be too far away.


February, 2011

Hi readers.

I'm now on holiday - well on holiday from computers. I keep looking at my neglected house, promising it a clean and polish, but instead, I pick up a book and sit down amid the mess and read it - my kind of holiday. I reread Watership Down, yesterday. A kid's book? Maybe, but I love it anyway. I'm into Jody Picoult's The Pact tonight, and I have three more lined up waiting, all thanks to a reading mate who keeps me supplied ... so it appears that my dust will wait a while longer. Looking on the bright side, I'll be able to see where I've been when I finally get around to doing it.

It looks as if I'll be in Camberwell on the 7th and in Sale on the 8th. My publicist is keeping me busy with this one. I hope you enjoy MOTH TO THE FLAME as much as I've enjoyed my three years with Jenny and Gertrude.


Thursday, 16th December, 2010

Breaking News! The official launch date for the new Woody Creek book is 1st March, 2011. The title is Moth to the Flame.

This is the third installment in the series and takes the story up to 1958. Joy informs me there will also be a fourth and possibly fifth book to the series. So check back here for further details over the coming months.

However Joy is taking a well earned rest over Christmas, after finishing all the work involved in pre-publication proofing etc., for Moth to the Flame, and will be back writing in the new year. The ideas are flowing thick and fast though so, knowing Joy, she might be beavering away again sooner rather than later.

For those of you who have asked about audio books, the following titles have been made by Bolinda Audio, read by Deidre Rubenstein:

Jacaranda Blue
One Sunday
Pearl in a Cage
Thorn on the Rose has a publication target for mid 2011.

There are several places you can buy the audio books online, or you can request them at your local bookshop.

Interest is already strong for Moth to the Flame, so my suggestion is that you order it through your bookshop early so they will get a copy in for you as soon as it’s available. Otherwise, you might have to wait even longer!

Joy has asked me to pass on her very best wishes for the holiday season and recommends you relax with a glass of something refreshing and a good book.

Kind Regards,

Thursday, 17th September, 2010

Hi Readers,

Like the bears, I'm hibernating until winter ends, surrounded by borrowed books, my daughter’s Millennium Trilogy, and my granddaughter’s Twilight group of four. They are all overweight (the books?) so I should be occupied until the end of September when, with luck, I'll escape to central NSW and some warmth.

A few misprinted copies of Thorn On The Rose slipped through to the book shops. My apologies to anyone who bought one. If you return it to the place of purchase, it will be replaced. For the most part, the publishers have already withdrawn the faulty copies.

Big thanks to the many readers who left messages. I admit to watching my Guestbook impatient for feedback on Jenny's latest escapades. Had I gone too far??

Still no information from the publishers on when IMP IN THE FLAME may be released. We will keep you updated.


Wednesday, 16th September, 2009

GREAT NEWS!! The October 2009 issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly has Joy as their featured writer for the month. Joy was interviewed by Caroline Baum. Don’t miss out on getting to know your favourite author in what was a very relaxed, and fun interview.

Tuesday, 15th September, 2009

Here’s a taste of the FREE sampler available in bookshops NOW:

He followed Gertrude into her house, which was only a house by reputation. Rough-built fifty years ago, it was a two-roomed hut, its front door opening onto a clutter of kitchen table, chairs, stove, cane couch, washstand, dresser, big old Coolgardie safe and no room to swing a cat – if she’d had one to swing.

‘What time did it happen, Vern?’

‘Your daughter found her around ten … in the dunny.’




‘As true as I’m standing here, Trude. She told Ogden she hadn’t sighted her mother-in-law since breakfast and thought she must be lying down. She opened the dunny door and there she was, skirt up, bloomers down.’

‘Oh, my God! What a place to breathe your last breath…’

‘Yeah, but as Moe Kelly said when he saw her sitting there, it’s sort of poetic justice.’

Monday, 7th September, 2009

Want to check out Joy’s newest book Pearl in a Cage as an audio book? Click here:

Pearl In A Cage - Unabridged Audio

Also, if you can’t wait, there’s a FREE sample booklet available at bookshops. Let me warn you though, it is easy to read and hard to put down and much too short. I can’t wait for the full book on October 1!

Thursday, 27th August, 2009

'Joy Dettman's voice speaks from the heartland of Australia with great insight and originality. Once you start reading Joy's books you are instantly transported to a very beautiful and deeply affecting realm of understanding. Her books and their finely drawn characters and events resonate long after you have finished the last page. Joy is an exquisite storyteller and destined to be a major internationally successful author.' Margaret Gee, Literary Agent, Sydney.

Monday, 24th August, 2009

Exciting news!!! Joy’s next book Pearl in a Cage is due for release on October 1. that’s just two weeks away!

Pearl in a Cage is the first book in the Woody Creek duo, the second instalment Rose of Summer (working title) is being completed now. There might be a third, so fingers crossed!

Pearl in a Cage promises to be as intriguing and page turning as all Joy’s books, and possibly her next best seller! Here’s the blurb and look at the wonderful cover. It will be a joy (no pun intended – but …) to have on our bookshelves – or better yet, on our coffee tables.

So, keep you eye out for when Joy’s latest book Pearl in a Cage hits the bookshops in a matter of weeks and be amongst the first to own and read it. Pearl in a Cage is also being released as an audio book, so if you want to listen on your way to work or while stuck in traffic, that’s the way to go.

And don’t forget to come back and leave a message to let Joy know what you think.

Sunday, 14th June 2009

Great news everyone! Joy's next book "Pearl in a Cage" is due for release in October 2009!!

"Pearl in a Cage" is the first book in a series titled "Woody Creek" and promises to be as riveting as all Joy's books.

The second book is well underway, and the third book is planted and forming shoots.

Woody Creek started out as one tree (book), but it's been bearing so much fruit, it promises to delight us for some time to come! So, she's been making sweet jam for all of us to relish.

For those of you who have read all Joy's novels, have you delved into her amazing short story collection, "Diamonds in the Mud"? There are more than two dozen stories to keep you occupied, something for everyone, and a fine example of good story telling, drama, first class writing and a wonderful, usually dark, sense of humour.

Thanks for the comments in Joy’s Guestbook everyone. Joy loves to read them!